BUTTONS & BADGES                       First, here is a note for button collectors new and old Waterbury Button Company is still in business and they are still making buttons. If they are marked on the back with Waterbury Co, you are safe. However, if they are marked with Waterbury Co's, these are the newer reproductions. These have been made for years now and are showing up on several auction sites as “original” buttons. When you see the "apostrophe s" following the Co on Waterbury buttons, know that you are looking at or buying reproduced buttons.   Also look for the soldered loop on the back.  Waterbury Button Company states these are reproductions from the original molds.  Make sure when purchasing a button, you get what you are paying for!   Joe@Brasswhistle.com New style  Original I’m always looking for nice buttons from Colorado RR’s. So if you have any for sale or trade, please feel free to contact me!                      Large brass Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific.  Made by Waterbury B. Co. Small dent on back only.  Price:  7.50 Small brass Illinois Central.  Very old, high domed button.  Price:  25.00 Large brass Southern.  Superior Quality on back.  Small dent on front.  Price:  5.00 Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District Railway.  Large brass button, Made by American Button CO, Newark, N.J.  Anything from this railroad is hard to find!  Button is in very good condition.     Price:  125.00 Colorado Springs Interurban.  Large bronze made by Superior Quality on the back.  This is the early first edition style used by this street railway line.    Price:  50.00 Colorado Springs Interurban.  Small bronze with Extra Quality on the back. Another early style and hard to find.   Price:  35.00   (If you want the pair the price is 75.00 firm for the large and small bronze CSI buttons.) Denver City Railway.  Large brass made by D. Evans & Co, Ettleboro, Mass. This is the earliest button for any of the Colorado lines!  Button is in fair condition having a slight bend and the loop on the back is broken but could be soldered back on.   Price:  35.00 Denver City Traction Co.  Large brass made by Wanamaker & Brown, Phila. Another early street car line in excellent condition.   Price:   30:00 MIDLAND.  Large brass made by Waterbury Button Co.  This button was used on the Colorado Midland Railway.  These style buttons are very hard to find from the Colorado Midland!   Price:   125.00 MIDLAND.  Small brass also made by Waterbury Button Co.  This is the cuff size used on the Colorado Midland Railway.  Another very hard button to find!  Slight dent with some wear noted.   Price:  65.00   (If you want the pair, 175.00 firm for the large and small brass MIDLAND buttons.)