COLORADO MIDLAND LOCKS & KEYS Brass cast made by Post Brass stamped CMRY made by post Brass cast made by Adlake Brass cast made by Adlake Brass cast and stamped made by Fraim  (the “Santa Fe” was blocked out during the casting process, dating this to just after the Santa Fe was kicked out by the stock holders, and stamped in the hasp CMRR) Steel switch lock made by Adlake Brass cast special purpose for high grade ore’s.  Note the seal slot on the bottom. Brass cast square six lever Brass stamped made by W. Bohannan Brass stamped Slaymaker number 7 (the highest number in this series found so far) Switch cut made by Adlake Switch cut single ring tappered barrel Switch cut CMRR by W. Bohannan CLICK ON ANY PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT. IF YOU HAVE OTHER STYLES OF LOCKS OR KEYS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND A PHOTO TO BRASSWHISTLE RAILROAD ANTIQUES