COLORADO MIDLAND BROCHURES CLICK ON ANY PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT The Bulls Eye of the Rockies (circa 1907) Cascade Canon, A Gem of the Rockies  (circa 1888) A Chain of Gold Cities in the Cripple Creek District (circa 1903-1906, 3 versions) Colorado, What to See  (circa 1902-1903) Daily Wildflower Excursion  (circa 1911 several color variations) Dr. Midland Route, Specialist in California Travelitis  (circa 1908-1910) Early Days  (circa 1901) In the Famous Ute Pass around the Base of Pike’s Peak  (circa 1891-1892) Hills of Colorado  (circa 1905) Hunting Fishing Camping in the Colorado Rockies  (circa 1908-1910) Panoramic Scenes  (circa 1905-1917, 5 versions known) A Real Bird’s-Eye View of the Rockies  (circa 1908-1910) Recreation, Camping, Fishing, Hunting  (circa 1905, 4 versions known) Scenic Colorado  (circa 1905-1906, two other variations of a folder known) Side Trip Talks  (circa 1907) Some Bits of Scenery  (circa 1904-1905) Thru the Rockies  (circa 1908) Thru Hell Gate  (circa 1909) Thru the Rockies  (circa 1910-1914, 5 versions known) Thru the Rockies  (circa 1915-1917) Colorado Midland Railway Scenery  (circa 1891-1893, other colors known) Green Mountain Falls  (circa 1913, brown cover also known) Scenes on the Midland Railway  (circa 1913) Plains to Peaks  (circa 1887, 1888 & 1889 versions also known)         If you have other brochures not shown, please feel free to send a scan so it can be added.  Thanks!! BRASSWHISTLE RAILROAD ANTIQUES