COLORADO MIDLAND GLOBES CLICK ON ANY PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT Clear etched extended base C.M.Ry. Clear etched extended base C.M.R.R. Red etched corning style C.M.RY Red etched C M RY Red etched C.M.Ry Green etched large lettered C.M.RY Blue etched C. M. RY Clear cast extended base CMRR in the normal lettering style (the most “common” clear cast) Clear cast extended base with a wide “M”  CMRR Clear cast extended base CMRR heavy large block lettering Clear cast extended base CMRy Clear cast (really!) medium lettering CMRR pear shaped globe without the extended base. This style of globe has shown up for other roads as well.  The “purple” look is due to this globe sitting outside in the sun for years! Red flashed cast extended base CMRR.  Globe has the wide “M” style casting. If you have another style not shown, please send a photo so it can be added.  NO NAMES WILL BE GIVEN OUT! Green etched small lettered C.M.RY.