FLORENCE & CRIPPLE CREEK RAILWAY There are very few styles of F&CC lantern frames known to exist.  If you have a different style frame or globe than one shown, PLEASE feel free to send a photo so it can be added.  NO NAMES will be given out!! As always, click on the photos for an enlarged view. Star Headlight manufacturing 1895 Adams & Westlake drop in pot (twist off also known) 1909 Adams & Westlake (has pat. applied for stamped in) 1913 Reliable by Adams & Westlake Clear etched corning style Red etched corning style Clear etched extended base Red etched extended base Green etched extended base Blue etched extended base Clear cast extended base small lettered Clear cast extended base large lettered Original switch cut stamped F&CC switch lock Later key cut stamped Fl&CCRR switch lock by Fraim Brass cast Fl&CCRRCo original switch cut Early tapered barrel key style with the second switch cut Rare square hilt with the original switch key cut Once in a lifetime collection of F&CC locks when several collectors put their locks together for this photo! F&CC engine 20 builder plate F&CC engine 21 builder plate Opposite side of engine 21 builder plate F&CC engine 24 builder plate Items from the Florence & Cripple Creek are harder to find, so PLEASE, if you have items from this road that are not shown feel free to send a photo so it can be added for all to enjoy. Joe@brasswhistle.com 1895 Adams & Westlake bell bottom 1909 Adams & Westlake single piece top Prier Brass