MIDLAND TERMINAL RAILWAY Even though this railroad lasted until 1949, very few lanterns or globes have turned up as they mostly used Colorado Midland items.  Click on any photo for enlargement. 1895 Adams & Westlake drop in pot style Railroad Signal twist off pot Number 39 brass top bell bottom Clear etched extended base, currently the only known globe from this railroad. Steel M T RY switch lock by adlake with a 1912 date Brass cast MTRY CO lock.  Security lock for high grade ore. M T RY adlake switch key M T RY fraim switch key IF YOU HAVE OTHER STYLES OF LANTERNS, GLOBES, LOCKS OR KEYS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND A PHOTO IF YOU DON’T MIND SHARING.  NO NAMES WILL BE GIVEN OUT! Joe@Brasswhistle.com